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Top 5 Event Rental Items for 2023

You know how David Letterman had a top 10 list? Well, this is your top 5 list of the most rented items from our event rental inventory. We have over 600 individual items in our inventory. It's hard for me to pick my favorite, but here's what our clients like most starting with #5:

A head table at a wedding with a pallet wall and drapery background, greenery and candles on the table.

5. Greenery

Greenery adds such a finished touch to your tablescapes. And, it goes with any color scheme, which is why it is so popular. Our eucalyptus and lambs ear greenery is by far a fan favorite. This lamb's ear garland looks great on all tables, but especially on those long rectangular tables. Throw in some votives, candlesticks and wow! What a look!

Victorian couch with rug, candleabra on a side table and old door backdrop. Photo booth props are on the floor.

4. Couch

Ok, I lied. I said I didn't have a favorite but I must admit I am obsessed with the couch. I mean, who wouldn't be? It is so versatile. You can use 1, 2, or all 3 pieces. You can use them together or spread them out across your event space. It's a neutral color so, like greenery, it goes with anything. And, it makes a statement! I mean, who wouldn't like this at their next event?

A beautiful venue set up for a wedding with many cylinder vases lining the aisle
photo courtesy of

3. Cylinder vases

These vases, like greenery, are so versatile. You can put real candles in them, like Fallyn did for her wedding pictured above. You can also use floating candles or even put florals in them. There are so many uses for these simple vases. And, whether you are looking for the rustic, boho or modern look, these vases will fit right in!

Two parents sitting on a victorian couch watching their daughter get married. A mirror stating "Welcome to our Beginning" is in the foreground.

2. "Welcome to our Beginning" mirror

I love this mirror. It is so elegant and simple. What better way to greet your guests than with an antique mirror simply stating "Welcome to our beginning"? The best part? I found this mirror at the Restore for $20! It's like it was just waiting there for me to come pick it up. I added the black vinyl lettering to it, but otherwise it just needed a good cleaning. We can customize this mirror too by adding your names and wedding date. We also have several other sytles of mirrors. Check them out on our inventory page.

Historic ballroom decorated for a wedding, with white table linens and white chair covers.

1. Linens

If tables were human, then linens would be their clothing. Everything looks more formal when you put a floor length tablecloth on it. Linens are the staple of every event (unless you choose farmhouse tables - don't be covering those beauties up!). Your table decor is the jewelry, but everything has to start with that simple table linen. Some venues provide you with table linens as part of their event package. And I'm here to tell you, that if they do provide them...take them! We rent a LOT of linens and we usually rent them to people who are doing their own wedding at a family property or at an event space that doesn't offer them. If you want to learn more about tablecloths and why they are the one item that is not cheaper to rent versus buy, see my blog post here.

So there you have it. The top 5 rented items for 2024. I should do this every year and see how it changes from year to year. What up and coming items do you think will be in the list next year?


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