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Our Event Rentals Showroom Reveal

How about that chandelier bathroom?

Now that our Open House is over, we wanted to share some of the details of this showroom design. We were very intentional about our layout and design. It needed to be functional but beautiful as well. We will talk about 3 design aspects in this post: lighting, paint color, and flooring. Read below for more details.

Our showroom was intended to display and "show off" our vast inventory...aptly named, right? We needed it to be large, open and have adequate lighting. We intentionally added LED lights that are adjustable. Need a warmer light? All you have to do it choose that setting. There are 5 different light settings. They are the same ones we put in our basement showroom and I like them so much that we bought the same ones for the new showroom.

led lights on the ceiling of our pole barn showroom

We'll talk about the lighting in the bathroom in a minute...

The next design aspect was the color. We got many compliments on the colors - especially the bathroom color. For the showroom, I wanted a neutral color that would help highlight the many different types of décor we rent. I didn't want the showroom color to overpower the décor, but meld well with anything we chose to put out. So, I decided on a beige color. Then I thought - why not get the color of burlap - as a shoutout to our name? I chose the color 'Ball of Twine' from Dutch Boy and I think it is perfect! It is neutral enough to complement all of my décor but provides a touch of color to the walls.

Color swatches of the two Dutch Boy paint colors we used in our pole barn showroom.

The bathroom needed to be unique. I knew I was putting a chandelier in there and I wanted a wall color that just made it pop. I chose the color 'Rainwash', also from Dutch Boy. It's the perfect dusty shade of blue/green. I love it!! And, we received many compliments on it from attendees of our Open House.

Rainwash Dutch Boy color in our chandelier bathroom.

The next design aspect was the flooring. I wish the budget would have allowed for luxury vinyl floors, but unfortunately, it didn't. I knew the floors would be getting a lot of traffic, so they needed to be easy to clean. And, I also knew that I was going to put down large floor rugs too. So, we opted to just seal the concrete floors. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I loved this! The different shades and patterns on the concrete really came out once the sealer was put down.

pole barn floor while concrete sealer was being applied. Paint roller shown in foreground.

The hardest part about sealing them was the prep! I had to make sure they were very clean to start with. This meant vacuuming and mopping them several times (and banning Bella the dog from entering in the meantime🐕 ). Once they dried, I put on my lovely floor duster socks that my daughter got me (thanks Madison!) ;because, even the dust or sweat on your socks can affect the finish. I put on two coats of the Dutch Boy Concrete Sealer with a paint roller and long extension pole. It dries to the touch within a few hours and you can walk on it the next day. I think the floors turned out amazing!

Author wearing pink floor mopping socks on her feet.

With the walls and floors done, it was time to do what I call "put the pretty on it". Many of you commented on my social media post about what chandelier I should choose. I bet you didn't realize it would be going in the bathroom though, did you?

So, there is a whole story behind this chandelier that I'm going t share with all of you. When I was a little girl, my sister and I shared a bedroom. When my parents were building the addition that would some-day house our new bedroom, they asked what type of light we wanted. Well, being a young girl naïve to the costs and honestly, practicality of things, I said I wanted a chandelier. I mean, if you're giving me a choice...that was it! My parents laughed and said "Oh Dawn, we aren't putting a chandelier in your bedroom". So, we got the standard flush mount ceiling fixture (see, I've learned a thing or two about light fixtures since then) that most 1970s bedrooms had at the time. Boring...but practical and it met the needs and budget. Well, now I had the opportunity to finally get a chandelier. So, get a chandelier I did. And what a thing of beauty it is!

Empire chandelier in the bathroom with the light pooling over the walls.

I just love the way the light reflects off the walls. 💕

Here is a picture of the showroom space right before our Open House.

Thanks to everyone that came out to our Open House and thank you to all of those who have followed our journey virtually. We love and appreciate you!

If you didn't get a chance to join us at our Open House and would be interested in seeing our inventory in person, contact us today for a free consultation. Fill out our contact form on our website today!

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