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How to create layered tablescape designs

For all your DIY brides out there, it's not hard to create your own eye-catching table displays. All you have to do is layer...kind of like how we dress in the spring and fall here in Central Illinois - wear layers! LOL!

Start with clean, wrinkle-free linens (you know how I feel about wrinkle-free linens).

Then, pick out your table runners, overlays, or any other material you want to be the base for your tablescape. I've added a burlap table runner and then a pretty white cheesecloth runner to top that off.

Next, you can choose the centerpiece to add to your table decor. It can be a floral arrangement, pillar candles, vases, bird cages, etc. The possibilities are endless and this is really where you can let your personality and party theme show through. I just picked up these wooden lanterns, so I wanted to style my table with these. I 'layered' the lanterns with a glass cylinder vase and battery-operated candles.

Now comes the florals. I chose greenery and a dusty pink rose. Again, this is where you can let your personality and theme show through. Pick florals that reflect who you are! I could have added more greenery and more roses, but I liked the simplicity of this. Sometimes less is more!

Finally, I finished the tablescape off with these cute rose gold votives candles. They match my color theme and bring some additional height and ambiance to the table. The rule of thumb is to use odd numbers of votives. Even numbers make it look too symmetrical. But, do what you like. Let it reflect your taste and style!

How cute is this? The concept works for all types and styles of tablescapes. The basics are the same. Try it out and see what your tables look like!

Happy designing!

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