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9 Ways To Find Your Style Inspiration

If you saw my Facebook live on what to expect at your complimentary consultation, you know that I'm big on creating a 'vibe' for your big day. (If you didn't see the live, you can watch it here: LINK). The 'vibe' is the style or type of wedding you want to have and the feeling you want your guests to walk away with.

But, before you go all Pinterest crazy, I want to give you a bit of guidance to make sure that during your wedding planning process, you stay true to you. Many times, we are plagued with an overwhelming urge to incorporate the latest trends into our event. Here, I've compiled some basic tips to help you identify your unique style as a couple.

Man carrying a woman while he walks thru the ocean waves

1. Be True to who you are as a couple

Your wedding day will be the first big event that you and your future spouse host together as a couple. So, make it reflect who YOU are. Let your joint personalities shine through. If you are a fun-loving, carefree couple, then let that shine through at your event.

A peek into the doorway of a rustic wedding venue set up for that day's events.

2. Venue

As I've said in previous blog posts, the venue you choose will have a huge impact on the style of wedding you have. If you have booked a rustic wedding barn, it's going to be difficult to merge that venue with a sophisticated, elegant wedding theme. Not impossible, but certainly not easy. Your venue gives you some great 'bones' to start with, so use that as the foundation to build upon.

Man sitting on the edge of a piano stool in front of a piano holding a woman in his arms as she leans into him.

3. Joint Interests

Do you and your fiancé have a common interest that defines who you are as a couple? Then find ways to incorporate that into your big day. Whatever it is that you spend your free time doing, consider letting it be the source of your wedding style. Do you both like music? Consider adding sheet music or musical instruments into your wedding decor. The sky is the limit!

Picture of bride's palms facing up covered in henna tatoos with their initials at the center of the design

4. Culture and Heritage

Let your culture and family history guide the style of your wedding. This is especially true if your fiancé and you come from different cultures. Your wedding will be the place that brings your two families and culture together. Teach each of your families about the other's background and culture.

Two hands writing out "I love you" on a cardstock tag in calligraphy.

5. Hobbies

Everyone has a hobby or something they are passionate about. Let your hobby show through in your wedding style. Do you crochet? Make some crochet doilies to display on your tables. Do you like paper art? Consider making your own invitations and wedding signage. What better way to personalize your own wedding than with your own artwork?

Picture at the back of a wedding aisle taking place in a forest with candlelight and an arbor draped in while fabric and flowers.

6. Time of the day

The time of day you choose to have your wedding should also influence your vibe. Most formal weddings are later in the afternoon or early evening. An early afternoon wedding tends to be less formal.

Bride getting ready to throw her bouquet looking back at her female guests lined up to catch it.

7. Guest list

The size and makeup of your guest list will also be a factor in helping you determine your wedding style. Are most of your guest family members who have wedding traditions you wouldn't think of leaving out of your special day? Or are the guests mostly close friends? That might lend itself to a more casual, personal type of vibe.

Man standing in front of a mirror adjusting his bowtie in a formal tuxedo jacket.

8. Formality

Do you and your future spouse want this day to be ultra formal with evening gowns and tuxedos? Or, do you want a more casual feel to the day? Let your own personalities and vision for the day determine the formality of the event. Keep in mind your venue too. No one wants to wear a formal evening gown to a barn wedding. Just sayin!

Picture of a place setting with a pinecone as the table place card holder.

9. Season

The time of year you choose to have your wedding has a great influence on the style of wedding. For example, fall weddings are all the rage right now. October weddings book up faster than any other month. Fall weddings are great for jewel toned colors, fall decorations and of course, hot cider and cocoa.

Whatever vibe you choose for your big day, make sure it reflects YOU and who the two of you are as a couple. It's easy to get caught up in all the latest trends, but don't let that have too much influence over your decisions. Do what is right for the two of you and let your day reflect who YOU are.

Now, go out and start pinning those ideas!! Until next time...

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