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8 Uses for Your Engagement Photos

**This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Back when I got married...almost 30 years ago (I know, time flies when you're having fun, right?), engagement photos were used to announce your 'engagement' in the local newspaper. We didn't have Facebook back in the day and this was the way to let your family and friends know you were engaged!

Well, things have changed and with social media news travels very fast! You can have that engagement post out there before the tears of joy have dried from your eyes. So, why should you go to the expense of having engagement photos taken?

Woman holding an engagement ring.  The camera is focused on the ring and her image is blurry.

Well, first and foremost, it's the once-in-a lifetime opportunity to capture the joy you and your fiancé share at this special time of your life. Booking an engagement session is also a great way for you to work with the photographer who will be shooting your wedding, it's like getting a test run of what to expect on your big day. But what exactly can you do with all those fabulous images?

Here are 8 ways you can put your engagement photos to use.

A "Save the Date" card with pictures of the engaged couple and their scheduled wedding date.

1. Save the Dates

One of the most popular reasons to have engagement photos done is to use them for "save the date" cards. You can get really creative with different props to let people know when your big day is approaching. Or pick a location that is special to the two of you, like the place you met or where you got engaged.

A wedding invitation with a picture of the engaged couple

2. Invitations

You can use your engagement photos for all your invitation and stationary needs as well. There are many different components to a wedding invitation from the actual invitations, RSVP, menu cards, directions and hotel accommodations lists to the stamps, envelopes, and address labels. There are many places you can use your professional engagement pictures to give your wedding invitations a more personal touch.

Page from a wedding guest book that has pictures of the engaged couple and a story of their love.

3. Guest Book

Creating a customized guest book is a great way to display your engagement photos. You can keep your guest book simple with just an image on the cover with blank pages for guests to sign or you can make it a little more personal. Some couples have included a few pages in the book that lets their guests know how they met, fell in love and end up saying 'I Do”. Shop the Wedding Guest Book at Artifact Uprising! (and Starting Monday, April 10th through Tuesday, April 11th, Artifact Uprising will be offering 15% Off Sitewide with code APRIL15.)

A living room photo with two engagement photos above the couch.

4. Photos for Your Home

There is no better way to start the new life you will be sharing than decorating your new home with your photos. Having your engagement images hanging on the walls in frames around your home is the perfect way to remember the special bond you two share. Shop the Everyday Photo Canvas Prints at Artifact Uprising! (and Starting Monday, April 10th through Tuesday, April 11th, Artifact Uprising will be offering 15% Off Sitewide with code APRIL15.)

Framed engagement pictures sitting on a table at a wedding reception with a floral arrangement in the background.

5. Display Photos at Your Wedding

There are many ways you can use your engagement photos to decorate your reception venue. You can have large prints made to line the walls of your venue or have a few smaller prints framed to decorate your gift table or cake table. You could even use them as place setting/escort cards. Shop the Everyday Photo Prints at Artifact Uprising! (and Starting Monday, April 10th through Tuesday, April 11th, Artifact Uprising will be offering 15% Off Sitewide with code APRIL15.)

Picture of a wedding website on 4 different devices, a monitor, laptop, tablet, and cell phone.

6. Wedding website

Many couples are creating wedding websites for their guests to use when RSVPing or to find out general information about the wedding. This is a great use for your engagement photos. They will help take up some of that white space on your website and increase engagement on your page.

Candy apply wedding favors with  a picture of the couple on the attached tag.

7. Party Favor/Gift for Guests

Key chains, postcards, and even t-shirts can all be made with your image on them. You'll want your guests to take home something special to remember your wedding day by.

Even if getting a caramel apple isn't something you think your guests would appreciate, you can still have little favor cards personalized with your engagement photo.

A picture of an engaged couple with their names "Jeremy and Sara" in print on a social media cover photo.

8. Social Media Images

The best way to use your engagement photos is to have them as your profile or cover picture on your social media accounts. What better way to not only show off your stunning images, but to also let everyone know you two will be tying the knot!

So, don't pass up getting those engagement photos taken. You will be happy you did!

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