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5 Ways to Enjoy More of Your Wedding Planning

You’re about to celebrate and commemorate your relationship in a big way. There is so much to consider as you plan a wedding, so much so that it can easily become overwhelming and stressful. This doesn’t have to be the case though – with a few simple adjustments, you can enjoy more of your wedding planning process. That means, you'll have less stress too!

1. Delegate as Much as Possible.

Avoid burnout by accepting help from people around you. Just because you want things done a certain way doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help. Friends and family are more than willing to help you out, you simply have to ask. Hand over tasks that you were planning to DIY. The extra hands will reduce stress and get things done more quickly. Your Maid of Honor is a great place to start. Part of the role of being a maid of honor is to help out the bride and to make her day as stress-free as possible. Take advantage of that built in assistant!

Another idea is to make an event out of some of the planning/DIY process. For example, have all your bridesmaids over for dinner and drinks while you make your own bridal bouquets. You have fun, check items off your 'to do' list and you don't have to do it alone. That's what we call a win-win!!

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2. Think About the Experience More.

While it’s important to stick to a budget for your wedding, it can make the planning process more stressful. Instead of focusing on what you are able to purchase to bring your wedding day to life, focus on how you want your guests to feel. I call this the 'vibe' you want your wedding day to portray. Once you start focusing on the experience, you will find that you don’t actually need everything you thought you did. Why purchase those extra expensive flowers to spruce up your tables when you can create a custom cocktail that your guests will remember? Instead of hiring a professional singer for your ceremony, ask that friend with the beautiful voice to sing something special for you.

Think really hard about what's trendy right now too and decide if that works for you and your fiancé. For example, favors. While it's great to send your guests away with a gift to remember your day, the experience you leave them with is more important.

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3. Put All the Essentials in One Place.

Bridal couples can spend a lot of time answering the same questions once they start inviting guests to their wedding. To bypass this and reduce wedding planning stress, create a wedding website where guests can access all the information they need for the day. You now have more time to focus on other more important tasks. Creating an online gift registry is also highly recommended.

4. Spend Enough Time on Vendor Research.

Hiring experienced vendors is another way you can spend more time enjoying the months leading up to your wedding. Experienced vendors are more organized and will help you better plan your day without much effort on your part.

Tip: Ask your venue who they recommend. Hiring vendors who are familiar with each other and work well together will make your day go more smoothly.

5. Find Time for Self-Care.

If you don’t find time for self-care, you might wake up on your wedding day feeling exhausted and frazzled. Self-care doesn’t mean a weekly spa visit either. Simply finding time to switch off for an hour several times a week is all you need. Take a long bath, go out for a quiet dinner with your fiancé with no wedding talk, or arrange a brunch with your besties. When you’re more balanced, the wedding planning process doesn’t feel as overwhelming.

If you are worried that you might turn into bridezilla, keep these tips in mind. The wedding planning process can and should be fun and memorable.

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