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5 Reasons to Rent Your Wedding Decor

I get it! We get that engagement ring on our finger, and we immediately jump into execution mode. You DIY brides are on a mission to have the best wedding ever and all within a strict budget. But before you start scrolling through those wedding resale groups on Facebook or you tubing all the DIY centerpiece creations read below on reasons why you might want to consider renting your wedding decor.

Table decor at a wedding, floral arrangemenets and a place setting with wine and water glasses.

1. Cost

All brides dream of their wedding day, some when they are young girls. We all want to have the wedding we envision in our dreams...that is, until we see the price tag! Eek! Who knew all this stuff was so expensive? And, the pandemic has made the cost of venues, caterers, and yes, even florists more costly. So, while not always the case, renting your wedding decor is going to be cheaper than buying. Notice I said this is not always the case. Read my blog here on tablecloth rentals to find out why it's not always cheaper to rent, but why you should still consider renting linens anyway.

Most rental vendors rent their decor at a fraction of the price they paid for the item. Why? We know we can make up the cost of that item with 3-5 rentals. In fact, we depend on that! That means, that 9 times out of 10, you are going to spend less money to rent these items versus buying them yourself. Plus, we tend to buy in bulk thereby driving the price down even further.

Any empty room with a large number of boxes sitting in the middle of the floor.

2. Storage Space

An average wedding has 150-200 guests. That means there are around 20 tables to decorate for your reception, not including the food tables, cake/dessert tables, etc. And let's not forget the church decor. All of those items take up a large amount of space. Our average wedding rental leaves our building with no less that 6-8 totes. If you have an extra bedroom or some warehouse space to spare - great! If not, consider whether or not you have room to store all of these items both before and after your event. Don't forget transporting them too, both before and after your event.

A trailer packed with items  intended for an event.  Linens and pipe and drape, along with a wagon and tote full of linen bags.

3. Ease

Not only do we clean, steam, and pack up the items for you, making it easy to get them to your venue, but we also label all of our totes with what is inside of them. That means, you know what totes will need to be unpacked first and you won't have to hunt and peck for your items. Put your maid of honor and best man in charge of setup and you and your future spouse can sit back and watch the magic unfold...well, kinda!

In addition, if we are delivering your items for you, that increases the 'ease' even more. We pride ourselves in knowing how to properly pack and transport those items for maximum space utilization and minimum breakage. Just look at how nicely that trailer is packed up in the picture above!

A front yard full of items that the homeowner is selling along with a  sign noting "Garage Sale"

4. Nothing to Sell afterwards

How many times have you seen a post on the local Facebook wedding resale group saying, "Just want gone!" We all go into this with the best of intentions. We are going to buy the items from someone else and re-sell them and basically make our money back. And some of you die-hard DIY brides get it done. My hats off to you!

But, trying to sell all of these items after your wedding is a lot of work! And honestly, because we've been looking at these items for months on end, after the event we just want them GONE! A huge benefit of renting is that you don't have to sell anything afterwards. Which may not seem like a lot early on in the wedding planning phase, but believe me, the last thing you will want to see when you get home from your honeymoon is boxes full of decor. You will be sick of looking at them by then.

A church decorated with floral sprays, candles and flower petals in preparation for a wedding ceremony.

5. Greater Selection

If you are a DIY bride trying to make the most of your budget and scanning Facebook marketplace for the best bargains, you may have to settle for what you can find. This is especially true if you are not going with the latest 'trendy' style. Even if you are going with the latest trendy style, good luck being the first one to reply "want" to that post. The popular items tend to get snatched up really quick!

Renting your decor from a rental business will allow you access to a greater selection of items. After all, we are in the business of renting decor for all different kinds of events and for all different styles and tastes. We specialize in large quantities of items. And, as our website states, we are always looking to add to our inventory. So, if we don't have your item in stock today, reach out to us. We may be able to source it for you.

So, when you look at the pros and cons of renting versus buying, it really makes sense to seriously consider renting your decor. Unless of course, money is no object.

If you are a DIY bride and want to see the great things that Dollar Tree has to offer for wedding, check out my affiliate link below:


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